There are two ways to search in Shotwell: the filter toolbar, and with a saved search. The search bar allows you to quickly search the current view for certain criteria. Saved Searches feature more complex search criteria and persist in the sidebar between sessions.

Saved search

A saved search persists across Shotwell sessions, and is updated as photos and videos are added and removed from your Shotwell library.

Create a new saved search with Edit ▸ New Saved Search... or by hitting Ctrl+S. The dialog box allows you to enter a name for the search and select whether you want to meet Any, All, or None of the criteria in the following rows.

Each row represents a search criterion. Use the + button to add more rows, and the - button to remove a specific row. The combo box on the left of each row selects the type of criteria. Criteria must be entered correctly before the OK button becomes available.